Virtual showroom

Discover our project demonstrators

The Nenu2PHAr project has developed a range of demonstrators dedicated to evaluating their mechanical properties and identifying optimal formulations. The goal is also to test products that will be used in various application fields (cosmetic packaging, food packaging, 3D filaments…).
In addition to the demonstrators, you will also find in this virtual showroom images depicting various stages of the value chain, such as microalgae, PHA extracted from the fermentation process, and compounded pellets.



Agrotextile tape - Non woven agrotextile

Produced by our partners Centexbel & IFG

PHA blend - Flexible 3D printing filament

Produced by our partner Elixance

PHB Blend - Roll-on

Produced by our partner KAJ

PHA blend - 3D printed keyring

Produced by our partners Elixance & IPC

PHB blend - Flexible film (left) rigide film (right)

Produced by our partner BIOMI

PHB blend - Flexible tray

Produced by our partners ITENE & BEL

PHB keychain

Produced by our partner IPC

PHA blend - 3D Printed pieces

Produced by our partner Elixance

Microalgae samples

Produced by our partners CEA, Celabor, UBS, Biotrend, IPC

Tensiles bars - Assesmement of mechanical properties

Produced by our partner IPC

PHB Blend pellets

Produced by our partner IPC

Project presentations

In this section, you will discover a comprehensive collection of presentations and posters delivered by project partners at numerous conferences and events throughout the duration of the project.

PowerPoint presentations

Bridging the gap from raw microalgae to bioplastic: conversion of Chlorella vulgaris into thermoplastic starch

Alexandre Six (CEA)

Follow the Starch Trek! Algae as efficient feedstock producers for biobased chemistry

Jean-François Sassi (CEA)

Cellulose production of different S pirogyra and N annochloropsis strains

Maria Jiménez (CEA)

Chlorella vulgaris high-glucose syrup as carbon feedstock for PHA-producing bacteria

Pablo Alvarez (CEA)

Algae: an innovative biopolymer feedstock for producing advanced generations of bioplastics

Pablo Alvarez (CEA)

Ammonia-based method to control the predator Poterioochromonas malhamensis on Chlorella vulgaris massive cultures

Pablo Alvarez (CEA)

Chlorella vulgaris, a promisinf feestock for starch-based bioplastics

Ana Compadre (CEA)

Prospects for algae in high-volume applications: focus on bioplastics

Bruno Sommer Ferreira (Biotrend)

Eco-design, life cycle assessment and life cycle costing of PHA-based bioplastics

Enrique Moliner Santisteve (LOMARTOV)


Poster - Starch rich Chlorella vulgaris production strategies and costs at semi industrial scale in different photobioreactors


Poster - Evaluation of light quality, temperature and nutritive deprivation impact onto starch accumulation in Chlorella vulgaris

Alexandre Six (CEA)

Poster - Latest innovations in PHA-based materials for food packaging
applications such as thermoformed trays or plastic cups

Hendrik Roch (ITENE)