KAJ Plastics

KAJ is a Polish manufacturer of the plastic packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Company has several years of experience in providing packaging solutions such as roll-on’s, pharmaceutical containers for pills and other products.
The company offers several standards as well as customised projects tailored to the Customer’s needs, supporting and advising from the very initial stages of the process. As a producer of all parts of the roll-on set (bottle, closure, ball) KAJ takes responsibility for the functionality and compatibility of the whole packaging.
The company’s employment and turnover is growing steadily over last years and currently KAJ invests with new lines, new technologies, upgrades machinery park and building another factory hall at the same premises to facilitate the above.
Internationally recognised certification as well as high-scored evaluation by EcoVadis platform proves company’s capability of working according to the highest standards and the understanding of sustainability principles.
Capable of participating in the project regarding providing the information about expected characteristics of the new material, the processing of the material into the packaging, the evaluation of the newly developed packaging and it’s benchmarking in comparison to the existing solutions, tests of the packaging (to the limited extent).

Role in the project

WP1: Participant to the GA.
WP2: Provide specification of product based on already existing reference packaging.
Kaj has a great experience in manufacturing and selling plastic packaging for personal care product. Quality Control Department provides all necessary tests needed to establish whether or not a product meets the requirements in terms of functionality and customer’s demands.
Direct cooperation with multiple subjects such as fillers and cosmetic producers from all over the world provides wide feedback and gives us an insight into market expectations.
WP6: Bio-packaging development and technical characterisation.
WP8: Data for LCA
WP9: Dissemination