Lomartov S.L

LOMARTOV is an Environmental Engineering Consultancy SME, located in Valencia, Spain. Its mission is to provide high quality consultancy services to support companies and all kinds of organisations in R&D activities, industrial and technological projects with a multidisciplinary approach.

This mission translates into its two divisions:

  • SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS division offers the experience of its engineers to assess the environmental, economic, and social impact of new technologies, products and processes, working with tools such as Ecodesign, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA), Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA), circular economy modelling, environmental communication, certification and regulatory compliance.
  • INNOVA division focuses on innovation catalyst, technological transfer, coaching and business development, advising young companies to identify, structure and promote their innovative ideas from a scientific and technical point of view, either to participate in projects financed by the EU or for their improvement and commercialization (through licensing, partnership agreements, joint ventures etc.), conducting a full business and market analysis of new products, and helping them find partners and end users.

LOMARTOV is partner of several European R&D projects and is actively taking part in technological and strategical platforms at national and European level.


Role in the project

Within NENU2PHAR, LOMARTOV will support both the sustainability assessment and the business development of the final biopolymer developed in the project.

The SME will deploy its main role leading WP8 dedicated to the environmental, economic and social impact assessment of the novel approach in PHA formulation proposed by NENU2PHAR. A link with WP6 and the definition of the Ecodesign principles applied to the developed products will be also performed, prior to the appliance of Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

Additionally, participating in WP2 and WP7, the SME will particularly contribute to the identification of the value proposition of NENU2PHAR products, the definition of a roadmap for the certification and the regulatory compliance of the final products towards their multi-sectorial application fields, and finally the identification of business model driven methodologies for their circularity.

Consumers and customers’ acceptance, along with environmental and economic benefits of the developed products will encompass all the activities where LOMARTOV is involved.