IFG Cresco

International Fibres Group (IFG) services a worldwide market. The company, with production locations in Austria, the UK and Belgium provide the best quality fibres, filaments and textiles in the technical textile area, to a diverse range of industries.
IFG Exelto, a division of IFG, with production capacity in Lokeren en Gent (Belgium) is a renowned producer of staple fibres, tapes and woven technical textiles. We develop and produce an innovative, high quality product range, which is sold worldwide to professional users and distributors to the private market. In the agrotextile area, we offer the “Phormium” product portfolio for the agricultural sector. This includes a wide range of screens for greenhouses, ground covers for horticulture and landscaping, and nets for mushroom and compost production.
Based on FP7 project; Bioagrotex, the first biobased products ware developed within our production range, and these PLA based ground-covers are commercialised under the trade name “Duracover”. A further strengthening of this biobased market segment and broadening the scope by introducing home compostable biobased agrotextiles and related products are foreseen in the future.

Role in the project

IFG will be involved in the definition of the requirements for the agro-textile market (WP2, the definition of the PHA formulations and the processability into textile products (WP4/WP5) and the development for PHA based agro-textile demonstrators (WP6). IFG will also provide material and the specifications of the benchmark fossil based or PLA based counterparts (WP2).
They are interested in the biopolymer formulation and functionalisation and the conversion of the developed compounds into tapes for the agrotextile markets. Generated know-how could be implemented as well within other divisions of IFG such as for the production of staple fibre.