Food packaging

PHA-materials are used in flat film further thermoformed, stand up pouch for dry food and plastic cup.

Cosmetic packaging

Roll-on type of packaging for liquid cosmetics will be produced. Most popular use is for antiperspirant, but there are many more applications possible and present on the market. Set consists of bottle, screw-on closure and ball which doses the cosmetic and applicates it on skin.

3D printing filament

The development of biobased filaments will be focused on getting general properties for 3D printing, since the final application in the NENU2PHAR project is not defined yet. Thus, the most critical features are home compostability or recyclability, comparable size to current filaments, suitable processability, heat resistance and good mechanical properties. 

Medical device

Advantages of PHA for textiles are its tunable biodegradability, biocompatibility and mechanical properties similar to the fossil-based polypropylene. PHA filaments and yarns could therefore be of interest for a range of textile applications such as agrotextiles, 3D printing filaments, medical filaments and wipes, etc.


A large range of agrotextiles (insect netting, groundcovers, tow, shadow nets, bird nets) are used in both professional and in the private market. In most cases products have a temporarily functionality and should then be removed (if still possible) or composted. Present products are predominantly non-biodegradable fossil based, often permanently contaminating the environment. Therefore compostable agrotextiles are of interest. The use of PHA is thus attractive to reduce weeding and improve biodegradation properties in soil.