ITENE is the specialist Technological Centre in R&D in packaging, logistics, transport and mobility. Its mission is to generate scientific and technological knowledge and adding value to companies through the implementation of R+D+I in these areas. ITENE provides business solutions with an integrated view of the supply chain, from raw materials, design and development of packaging and packaging systems, optimisation of the movement and distribution of goods, until the products reach the consumer and are ultimately managed as residues, all within a framework of sustainable performance. The centre has advanced facilities and a multidisciplinary team of researchers and technicians with proven and constantly evolving technologies for novel solutions.

ITENE was founded in 1994 and currently employs 165 persons. Located in Valencia, Spain, the centre has 7,105m2 of facilities covering laboratories and experimentation infrastructures equipped with the most modern technology.

ITENE research area covers:

  • New Advanced Materials (Development strategies to obtain new packaging materials with better properties).
  • Active & Intelligent Packaging (Materials that release active substances from the packaging or absorb undesirable substances from the product to prolong the shelf life).
  • Packaging Technologies (vacuum, modified atmosphere).
  • Packaging Engineering (Transport simulation technologies).
  • Sustainability (Waste valorisation, LCA, LCC, Carbon Footprint).
  • Transport and Logistics (route optimisation, distribution modelling, urban mobility), Electronics, Robotics and Industry 4.0.

ITENE is an associated member of the Bio-based Industry Consortium.

Role in the project

WP1: ITENE will support CEA (the coordinator) as a work package leader in all the tasks required for the correctness of the implementation of the WP4.

WP4: ITENE will lead this WP. ITENE will be working on the biopolymer formulation and the characterisation of the products developed.

WP5 & 6: ITENE will involve in material process in collaboration with industrial partners

WP7: ITENE will assess the compostability and biodegradability of the different products obtained along with the project, in order to identify the most appropriated End-of-Life solution.

Besides ITENE will support the WP leaders and coordinator on exploitation and dissemination (WP 9), on the definition of the market requirements as well as in the sustainability assessment of the project.