ZER0-E is a sustainable engineering company formed by skilled engineers, scientists and professionals. It is focused on building a sustainable future with net-zero emissions, through advanced tools and solutions that minimise environmental impacts and achieve efficient and circular systems. It goal is to help transition towards a future with zero emissions in three main areas: 1) Sustainable Buildings, Industries & Cities: Exergy & Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency Retrofitting, Renewable Energy Systems, Sustainable Energy Generation systems; 2) Green Software Development: Digitalisation, Data Science, BIM, and 3) Environmental Assessments: Cross-Sectoral Environmental assessments, Process Engineering & Modeling, Techno-Economic Evaluation.
ZER0-E is committed to contributing to the transformation of a more sustainable world, through the development of innovative projects which allow for the establishment of a net-zero and circular economy focused on the environmental sustainability of the society. ZER0-E is passionate about nature and its multiple phenomena and the ability to use its knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable solutions and successful business.
Particularly, ZER0-E is interested in problems whose solutions generate a positive impact on society such as sustainable buildings, industries and cities, software development to support decision-making processes, and environmental assessments to support and contribute with the scope of sustainable development goals.

Role in the project

ZER0-E’s main role in the project is the development of the bioeconomy business, exploitation of results, and market analysis. ZER0-E will be in charge of the development of the activities related to market assessments of the project products, exploitation of results, and business models.