The Nenu2PHAr Project reveals its Second Video

The Nenu2PHAr project proudly unveiled its final project video at the joined workshop between the CEA and the Nenu2PHAr project in Aix en Provence on November 14th.

The Nenu2PHAr project has recently released a 6-minute video that provides an overview of the entire value chain, covering the production of microalgae to the end-of-life of bioplastics. The video includes interviews with key players from 7 out of the 17 partners in the consortium, offering insights into the project’s operations.

The video showcases interviews with representatives from some of the project’s vital partners, including CEA, CELABOR, UBS, BIOTREND, ELIXANCE, ITENE, IPC, and LOMARTOV. Each partner takes the audience through their specific contributions, highlighting their activities and explaining their crucial roles within the Nenu2phar value chain.

The Nenu2phar project’s video encapsulates the collaborative efforts of 17 partners working towards a sustainable bioplastics future. From research institutions to the industry and specialists in various facets of the value chain, each partner plays a pivotal role in realizing the project’s ambitious goals. This video not only showcases their individual contributions but also emphasizes the interconnectedness of these efforts, painting a comprehensive picture of the journey from microalgae to sustainable bioplastics end-of-life solutions.

The video made its debut at the workshop hosted by Nenu2PHAr and CEA in Aix en Provence on November 14th, in front of the 50 attendees. The event centered around exploring the potential of microalgae in the bioplastics field. Between sessions, participants engaged in B2B meetings and explored a showroom featuring products developed within the Nenu2phar project. This provided an opportunity for attendees to learn from prominent industrial and academic figures and gain valuable insights into the future of bioplastics.

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