A Spanish environmental engineering SME

Discover NENU2PHAR’s partner Lomartov, an engineering SME based in Valencia. Its objective is to assist companies and innovative projects in minimizing their daily environmental footprint and resource consumption. Simultaneously, it aims to facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies that possess substantial economic and societal benefits. In this article, you will discover their specialization, their role in the NENU2PHAR project and their and their implication in European projects.

Who is Lomartov and what is its expertise?

Its main goal is to support companies and innovative projects mitigating and balancing their daily impact on our planet and resources, ensuring at the same time a safe and successful market uptake of innovative technologies, with a high impact potential for our economies and societies.

The SME guides research centers and industrial projects in assessing and optimizing the sustainability of their products and services, from an environmental, economic and social point of view, through recognized methodologies – i.e. Ecodesign and Life Cycle Assessment. The results obtained are then linked to the products and services’ market strategy and business model.

The team works both for private companies and multi-actor consortia in research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission. More than 20 EU projects are part of the SME portfolio, covering different sectors – e.g., raw materials, batteries, energy, fuels, water and biomaterials – where sustainability is the key common factor.


Why participate in the NENU2PHAR project?

Within the field of novel bioplastics, and especially PHA-based materials, sustainability is a crucial aspect that needs to be proven in order to evaluate their environmental, economic and social benefits compared to conventional fossil-based plastics. LOMARTOV is fulfilling the mandatory request of the Bio-Based Industry (BBI) consortium of assessing the sustainability of the project outcomes.

LOMARTOV is an active member of the European research and innovation community and has valuable expertise, not only in sustainability assessment of polymer materials, but also in other transversal aspects pivotal for the future market update of NENU2PHAR products. This is why the team is eager to participate in the project bringing its knowledge and supporting the research centers and industries in developing new bioplastics, with a high impact on our society, looking to ultimately contribute to the global challenge of reducing plastic waste and pollution.


What is your role in the project?

LOMARTOV’s role is highly transversal and multidisciplinary. From the very beginning of the project the team has been contributing to the definition of the optimal conditions for the market uptake of the 9 products designed by the project. The team has in fact designed a roadmap for the standardization and certification of the novel products developed by NENU2PHAR – this work is publicly available in the following article – and defined the value map proposition for the market uptake of the products in the 5 targeted sectors.

In parallel, they worked on the sustainability aspects. Firstly, through the Ecodesign of the 9 products to guide their development with the aim to optimize their sustainability footprint. Secondly, by performing an environmental and economic Life Cycle Assessment, comparing the use of NENU2PHAR PHA-based materials with conventional polymers for each of the target applications. A Social Life Cycle Assessment has also been performed and aligned with a study on the social acceptability of PHA-based materials to identify obstacles to social acceptance and improvement opportunities.

Finally, the SME has participated in the definition of new circular business models for the NENU2PHAR innovative value chains.


What is the added value of participating or positioning at European level?

The SME was born in 2017 based on three pillars: technological innovation, sustainability and European vision. The participation in European R&D&I projects stands therefore in the DNA of the company and its team. Although many other projects, also outside the EU framework, have shaped the SME’s portfolio, the participation in European projects will always be a crucial activity of the company, allowing to keep connection with the latest technologies and research results issued by other top-leading companies and institutions.


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