A Belgian scientific and technical center specialized on textile

Discover Nenu2phar’s partner CENTEXBEL, a Belgian scientific and technical center for the textile and Plastics industry. Founded in 1947, as a collective research organization, Centexbel is a membership organisation with strong links to the majority of the textile and plastic conversion companies. In this article, you will discover their specialization and their role in the NENU2PHAR project.


Who is Centexbel and what is its expertise?

Centexbel covers the entire value chain with respect to textiles at pilot scale: polymer formulations, melt processing into yarns, knitting/weaving/braiding, coating/finishing, recycling (shredding and compacting), all the characterization (mechanical, chemical, burning etc.) and certification necessary. Other processes available are injection moulding, additive manufacturing, composite production and film extrusion.

In the past decade, a large expertise was created in the domain of processing via formulation and pilot line processing of a range of biopolymers including PLA, PBS, PHA and biopolymer blends. This resulted in a range of industrial implementations in different domains. Centexbel also offers a complete range of standardized testing. It is a notified body for protective clothing and can deliver CE marking and testing. Finally, Centexbel is involved in standardization committees and offers technological advice and training to companies in Belgium and abroad.


Why participate in the NENU2PHAR project?

Within our research activities, biobased and/or biodegradable polymers play are huge role towards a more sustainable and circular textile industry. Therefore participating in the Nenu2PHAr project widens our network within the bioeconomy field. It also allows us to gain more knowledge and promote these biopolymers and their benefits to our network of companies.

In 2022, Centexbel was active in 115 research projects of which 41 were European projects, collaborating with more than 550 partners (universities, research centers and industry).


What is your role in the project?

Woven ground cover with PHA based tapes produced at Centexbel and woven at project partner IFG Cresco

Within the project, we are working on two different applications at pilot scale: a woven ground cover (agrotextile) and a medical mesh. For both applications, Centexbel is developing the formulation and extruding the tape or monofilament yarn.  Regarding the woven ground cover, the first demonstrator was successfully produced. The PHA-based tapes are extruded at Centexbel and the woven by project partner IFG Cresco into a woven ground cover.

Centexbel also supports the CEA, the coordinator, in the management of the tasks related to the biopolymer processing (WP5), optimizing various production processes for the production of the high-volume consumer products targeted within the project.

Pilot monofilament/tape extrusion equipment