A French cluster specialized on Bioeconomy

Discover NENU2PHAR’s partner, Bioeconomy For Change (B4C), a renowned French Bioeconomy Cluster that has gained recognition across Europe and internationally since 2005. Located in Laon, in the region “Hauts de France,” B4C brings together over 500 members spanning the entire bio-based value chain. From upstream agricultural and marine feedstocks to end-product exploitation, they cover diverse industrial sectors such as food, feed, bioenergy, and bio-based products. Since it’s creation, B4C was involved in more than 350 projects funded including more than 50s EU projects (H2020-BBI JU). In this article, you will discover their specialization, their role in the NENU2PHAR project and their vision of bioeconomy.


Who is B4C and what is its expertise?

We   are   currently   the   only   competitiveness   cluster   in   France dedicated to the bioeconomy. Our teams are made up of engineers, specialists in project development, business intelligence, international affairs, communication, etc. We come from all walks of life to work on common and meaningful objectives: sovereignty, sustainability and decarbonization. We are a family in continuous expansion with now 40 staff members.

Today,   we   bring   together more than 500 members, from the largest multinationals to the smallest start-ups. Members include agricultural cooperatives, research institutions and universities, companies of all sizes, public stakeholders… Our goal is to create opportunities between our members and to connect the skills and knowledge for future partnerships and innovations. ). We offer several supports for its members including activities on valorisation and communication of the innovation, organization of events, strategic advice and market intelligence.


How important is the Bioeconomy to you?

For us, bioeconomy is the new viable economic and industrial model to choose.  The transition is necessary and required to reduce the impact of the current petrochemicals based industry. Our goal is “to change without changing everything”.

The innovations are there to replace the production processes but not necessarily the products.

In the long term, the bioeconomy will allow us to revalue the wealth of our territories, our resources, our human and artificial intelligence. This in service of a more responsible present for a sustainable future.

The bioeconomy also has a rooted economic and social importance. The sector represents today more than 1.9 million jobs and 300 billion € of revenues in France. In Europe, there are about 23 million jobs and 2, 300 billion € of turnover! The figures illustrate a dynamic in expansion and we believe in it for the decades to come.


What role do you play in the NENU2PHAR project?

From the very beginning, we helped and provided strategic advice to the coordinator CEA, member of B4C network, to meet European funding expectations. We were delighted to see that the project was selected and would receive financial support from the EU. We continue to work on the project by performing the communication and dissemination missions (Work package 9) in order to valorise the work achieved by the partners and contribute to its successful deployment and exploitation.


Key Figures about B4C