Nenu2phar partners will share their work during ALGAEUROPE 2021 Conference

Nenu2phar partners will share their work during ALGAEUROPE 2021 Conference, 7-10 December 2021, Online

The conference ALGAEUROPE offers a unique opportunity for an exchange between academia and industry, established in a networking-based environment that will explore sector’s evolution worldwide as well as the main European players. 

This year, the partner  CEA  will participate online through an oral presentation and two poster presentations. 

Day 1, 12:10 pm:  
Oral presentation: ‘CHLORELLA VULGARIS HIGH-GLUCOSE SYRUP AS CARBON FEEDSTOCK FOR PHA-PRODUCING BACTERIA’. Author and speaker: Alvarez P. Authors  (CEA and Université de Bretagne Sud, Institut de recherche Dupuy de Lôme (UBS-IRDL)) Compadre A., Six A., Fleury G., Dubreuil C., Lainé C., Lemechko P., Bruzaud S., Sassi J.F. 

Throughout the event:  
Poster: ‘CHLORELLA VULGARIS, A PROMISING FEEDSTOCK FOR STARCH-BASED BIOPLASTICS’. Speaker: Compadre A. Authors: Six A., Dubreuil C., Delrue F., Alvarez P., Fleury G., Mailley S., Sassi J.F. 

Poster ‘CELLULOSE PRODUCTION OF DIFFERENT SPIROGYRA AND NANNOCHLOROPSIS STRAINS’. Author and speaker: Jiménez-Palma. Authors: M. Alvarez, P., Sassi, J.F. 

N.B. E-Poster will be available online to all conference participants 



Algae have become a multi-billion sector in terms of biotechnology development that is expected to grow rapidly, providing valuable goods and services in multiple applications. In spite of centuries of scientific and commercial interests, the term algae has not taxonomic meaning. In the light of rapidly growing business interests associated with the term algae, a clear, simple definition of algae is not only required, but essential for developing the necessary standards, regulatory and legal issues. 

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Reasons to attend! 

  • To network and meet online 
  • To expand your knowledge and find solutions to problems 
  • To present your ideas and product to others 
  • For people to meet you 
  • Learn beyond your field or interest 
  • High quality (trade) visitors / delegates 
  • Organized together with EABA; the Leading European Algae Biomass Association

Who should attend? 

  • Algae Technology Developers / Suppliers 
  • Algae producers & cultivation plant owners and operators 
  • Venture capitalists and financial investors for biotechnology 
  • Food industries 
  • Biofuels Network, Animal Feed Companies, 
  • Nutraceuticals/Pharmaceutical Companies, Fertilizer suppliers 
  • Water Treatment & Waste Water Professionals 
  • Technology providers for cultivation, harvesting, dewatering, drying, oil extraction and processing 

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