Discover the EURONEWS report on microalgae and the NENU2PHAR Project

The monthly EURONEWS documentary series, “Ocean”, in partnership with the European Commission DG MARE, has dedicated one of their episodes to the potential of microalgae to solve environmental issues.


The team of journalists traveled to 3 European countries to discover the different processes and applications of these microalgae.

In Spain, in the framework of the European Project ALAGAENAUT , researchers found strains of microalgae that can purify local wastewater while producing fertilizers and bio-based pesticides. In Portugal, a local company has been using microalgae in aquaculture to make sustainable fish feeds.

A particular focus was made on bioplastics and the NENU2PHAR project with a dedicated article.  Plastic pollution particularly in seas and oceans and the use of fossil fuels in traditional plastics industries are becoming major concerns.

The Euronews team came in Lorient, to exchange with Professor Stéphane Bruzaud and his team from the University of South Brittany, BS-IRDL laboratory on the development of biopolymers and biodegradable plastics.

The report offers an overview of different topics including the existence of micro-plastics in our environment, the processes to create bio-based plastics as well as the issues related to biodegradable plastics.

Watch the entire report news on microalgae

Watch the complete interview of UBS team focusing on NENU2PHAR project developments